The Internet is Losing its Mind Over the New Grumpy Cat

People around the world feel in love with the original Grumpy Cat, who sadly passed away in May 2019. With 2.7 million followers on Instagram, people loved to admire Grumpy Cat's distaste of everything ‐ what can we say? Nothing pleased him!

The Internet is Losing its Mind Over the New Grumpy Cat

Though it took some time for the internet to mourn the passing of Grumpy Cat, it's time to move on.

Whatever the occasion, we knew there was one feline who looked down on it, judging our every action, and that was Grumpy Cat. Maybe the reason why we all fell in love with him is that he makes the face we wish we could make every day? Though we miss him, it looks like the universe has blessed us with a possible Grumpy Cat Jr. But can this new grumpy cat carry the torch?

Of course, there's no other cat that can quite outdo out beloved Grumpy Cat. But it looks like Grumpy Cat has a prodigy. The internet is going crazy for Meow Meow, the stunning (and grumpy) cat from Taiwan.

Fans are praising Meow Meow as the second grumpiest cat in the world, and we think Grumpy Cat would approve of this (even though Meow Meow doesn't want to be mistaken for Grumpy Cat). But the internet has decided the fate of Meow Meow. Let's not kid ourselves; we cannot live in a world without a grumpy cat popping up on the internet. Without further ado, it's time we introduced you to Meow Meow, Grumpy Cat's predecessor.

According to Meow Meow's owner, the kitty is truly disgusted at the world, all while trying to keep her dignity intact. Meow Meow was introduced to her owner, Clare, at an old pet shop as the previous owner abandoned her. Maybe they couldn't handle her grumpiness.

So, Clare decided to take Meow Meow in and give her a loving home. Though Meow Meow has a grumpy expression, she's actually a very loving and sweet cat. But, there is one flaw: she's a picky eater. We can only imagine the face she makes if she doesn't like her food.

It's clear the internet has decided to make Meow Meow the new Grumpy Cat and to be honest, we're completely on board. Meow Meow may not be the original Grumpy Cat, but she'll be able to bring smiles to Grumpy Cat fans around the world. It's time to pass down the baton to our new grumpy cat. All hail Meow Meow!