The Game Changers: 5 things we learned about Veganism

There's been a never-ending debate about carnivores vs. vegans. Meat-eaters stand firmly behind their beliefs of the benefits of meat, while vegans are behind a plant-based diet.

The Game Changers: 5 things we learned about Veganism

Though both sides have been battling back and forth, the debate has come to an end with the release of the new documentary The Game Changers.

Focus on vegan athletes, this documentary discusses the science behind plant-based diets and the myth surrounding them. Here are five things we learned about Veganism while watching the documentary.

B-12 is more than just a vegan issue

When it comes to B-12, pro-meat eaters argue the lack of vitamin deficiencies in vegans stems from not eating meat. However, B-12 deficiencies are not only a vegan problem; rather, most people are vitamin B-12 deficient.

Sadly the chemical agents we use in our food supply kill the natural source of this vitamin, which is why most people must take a B-12 supplement.

Plant protein is what humans actually require

Through most of our lives, we've been told that meat is what gives us protein, but the science behind that says something completely different. The source of protein actually comes from plants.

The protein in animals is from plants, and animals are just the middle-man. So, in reality, your protein isn't coming from a chicken, pig, or cow, it's coming from the plants they digest.

Meat doesn't make for happy erections

When it comes to erections, meat isn't doing men any favors. If anything, eating meat causes a decrease in testosterone, whereas men who were on a plant-based diet saw a testosterone increase of 26 percent.

For men who are suffering from erectile issues or simply want to improve their manhood, it looks like eating plants is the way to go.

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't a fan of meat marketing

The world-famous bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger himself, lives on a plant-based diet. In the documentary, he discusses the false narratives the meat industry fed the population to increase the consumption of meat.

Once cigarette marketing was banned in sports advertising, the meat industry took over and used the same methods, giving the impression that eating meat means being a "real" man.

Plants speed up recovery time

Injuries are common for most of us, and they usually take weeks for our bodies to recover. However, plant-based foods have 64 times more antioxidants than animal-based foods.

If you think a piece of salmon has more antioxidants than iceberg lettuce, think again. By eating a plant-based diet it reduces inflammation by 29 percent in less than three weeks.

When it comes to Veganism, there are many myths floating around in an attempt to squash it. However, in the documentary The Game Changers, we discover the truth behind the meat industry and what plants actually do for the human body.

Check the documentary out for more interesting facts and information on Veganism.