PlayStation or Xbox? Choosing the right next-gen console

The new PlayStation and Xbox consoles are already there, and the plan is how to make the best choices. Sony and Microsoft are also releasing two consoles for gamers.

PlayStation or Xbox? Choosing the right next-gen console
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Video game consoles should be accessible. Purchase one, plug it into the TV, and you're all done to play the game. But suddenly, the most idiot-proof set-up in blockbuster gaming necessitates some real research. This article talks about choosing the right next-generation console in between PlayStation or Xbox.

PlayStation or Xbox?

This is an easy part. If you're planning to upgrade your older console, you perhaps know already which one is required. Besides differences in the hardware specifications, generally speaking, the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles exhibit the same capabilities.

PlayStation or Xbox? Choosing the right next-gen console
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That implies you're getting around 1TB solid-state hard drive, i.e., plenty of built-in storage and faster load times. You're also getting support for the novel graphics features. And you're getting the skill to play games at a 4K resolution while keeping 60 frames per second, which delivers games a smoother feel and look.

If you are getting a console for the first time or trying gaming again after a long time, the main platform differentiator is the games themselves. Precisely, the exclusive games. You'll always be able to play the new Call of Duty or Madden (or Assassin's Creed or Resident Evil, etc.) on whichever console you own, but Sony and Microsoft both launch their in-house favorites, too.

PlayStation or Xbox? Choosing the right next-gen console
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For Xbox, that implies Halo, Gears of War, and Forza, to name a few of the biggest games. Over on the PlayStation side, you can play God of War and Naughty Dog games (Uncharted and The Last of Us). Also, Insomniac releases, like 2018's excellent Spider-Man and the recent release Ghost of Tsushima.

PlayStation or Xbox? Choosing the right next-gen console
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IGN has also developed the lists of upcoming releases for the next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles. If you are a beginner in the console gaming world, use those lists and decide which one is most tempting to you.

PlayStation or Xbox? Choosing the right next-gen console
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Play Station Options

Choosing the PlayStation is easier. Sony launched PlayStation 5 in two different versions: A standard edition and a "Digital Edition," both with 825GB of usable storage and the same technical capabilities.

A standard edition PS5 costs $499, and a digital edition costs $399. If you many PS4 games on the disc already, the PS5 will play almost all of them. Having a disc drive means you can purchase lower-priced used games from stores such as GameStop, an appealing choice for some people.

PlayStation or Xbox? Choosing the right next-gen console

Xbox Options

Microsoft's offerings seem a little trickier. The Xbox Series X is the business's flagship gaming console at launch. It costs $499, includes a disc drive, and can reliably output the games played at 4K resolution and 60 FPS. If you have an expensive, high-end TV and/or categorically require a console having a disc drive ‐ this one supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays ‐ the Series X is your Xbox choice.

PlayStation or Xbox? Choosing the right next-gen console
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While the Series S can do outputting at a 4K resolution, you may not get the same performance out of games supported by it. The company promises a steady 1440p resolution at 60 FPS. This series has a smaller hard drive, providing just 512GB compared to Series X's 1TB. If 4K is more important to you, you can get the Series X.

Good Luck, and to be honest, why fighting about the best console? with the current price tag, we are going to buy both.