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35 Facts About Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness

No matter what your favorite genre is, you know who Ozzy Osbourne is. You don't even have to hear a song of his; you know just how crazy this man can be. That's what happened when you're "the Godfather of Heavy Metal," after all. But you may not know the small and wild details of his life and how he became one of the greatest musicians of all time. Well, it's about time you learned more about this legend and how he became who he is today.

A Three-Feet-Tall Bodybuilder Proves That Big Things Comes In Small Packages

It's not easy being a human. We are all struggling to achieve the perfect image of what a person should look like, even though there's no such thing as perfect. But some people who are born with special conditions have it even harder. However, some of them have defied the odds and are breaking the boundaries, superficially in bodybuilding. You're about to read some of the craziest stories of little people pushing themselves and exceeding everyone's expectations.

The Luxury Restaurant Manager Kicked Out This Old Man Not Knowing Who He Really Is

This story proves that you should never judge a book by its cover. Read further to find out the complete details

Trucker Stranded For 4 Days Takes Desperate Measures To Make It Out Alive

This is a story about human bravery, and the lesson here is to never let go. Read on to get the full details about the incredible survival story of a trucker who got stranded and challenged death!

FBI's Worst Nightmare Finally Caught And The Story Behind It Is Amazing

The Federal Investigative Bureau is focused on one thing and one thing only: combating criminal activity. A domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, they take the law into their own hands, going underground into some of the darkest realms of the criminal world. But not all cases are easy to crack, especially when it comes to one Ukrainian hacker. He kept the FBI on their toes with twists and turns at every corner.