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SpaceX Just Made History

A new era of human spaceflight is set to begin as American astronauts once again launch on an American rocket from American soil to low-Earth orbit for the first time since the conclusion of the Space Shuttle Program in 2011.

The Most Famous Native American Actors Of All Time

How many native American actors do you know? Can you name any? If you can't, it's about time for you to get an update on celebrity Native Americans. The actors on this list have done a fantastic job of representing the marginalized indigenous peoples of the United States. While some people on this list are 100% native American, many come from mixed heritage. Let's explore the list and see who the famous native American actors are. Trust me; you'll be surprised by some!

Ever Dreamt owning Johnny Cash's Lincoln Town Car? Well, now you can!

Here is a list of the cars that made our culture what it is today, and how you can own them!

The Mysterious Assassination Of Kim Jong-Nam

When we think about assassinations, famous characters come to mind like JFK or Martin Luther King. Their assassinations were well planned, and to this day, people are unsure of who really killed them. But the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam wasn't done by a lone shooter or opposition; it was done by his own blood. Don't believe us? You're about to find out the crazy story behind the mysterious assassination of Kim Jong-Nam.

24 of the Biggest Brands You Know That Started Out With Logos You've Probably Forgotten About

For the average person, most of the changes a business goes through aren't noticed. However, when a company decides to rebrand itself, it greatly impacts how a company is seen, whether the public is aware of it or not. A new logo can give life to a dying company and create new opportunities for it. Here are some of the companies that went through a major rebranding and completely changed public perception.