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Is this how waiters will look in the future?

With social distancing playing a new and crucial role in our societies, the restaurant industry will need to adapt to the changes. On the one hand, this could mean reduced tables and increased prices. But that may not need to happen as LG Electronics has recently teamed up with the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRIA), and the online food delivery app Woowa Brothers to create and develop robot waiters.

This is why you should be visiting Moscow ASAP

It's time for you to travel East, and check out the underrated and jawdropping city of Moscow. But don't let us do all the talking, we're going to let Moscow do its thing.

This Amsterdam restaurant set up individual greenhouses to keep diners apart

With the restaurant industry virtually closed around the world, many businesses are finding unique and progressive ways to stay open for eager foodies. This one restaurant in Amsterdam is experimenting with new ways for their customers to dine out during these changing times.

10 unbelievably beautiful cakes

Well, here are ten unbelievably stunning cakes you wish you had in front of you.

How the potato famine changed Ireland forever and should we prepare for something similar?

did you know that a huge, painful part of Ireland's history is strongly tied to...potatoes?