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Foods that are good for people who suffer from diabetes

Millions of people around the world have diabetes, both type one and type two, which means all these people need to change their eating habits. But that's easy said than done. What should you be eating if you have diabetes? Well, you're about to find out.

These next gadgets should be in every foodie's wish-list

If you're someone who declares themselves as a foodie, then you're going to love the gadgets we've found for you. Trust us; you'll be putting them on your wish-list.

The Weird History Behind Coffee Will Make You Think About The Origin Of Your Favorite Drink

Ah, who doesn't love a warm cup of Joe in the morning? It's safe to say most of us are coffee lovers. Yet, do you know the history behind this delicious beverage? If not, it's about time you learned how coffee came to be. You'll be surprised to know it's actually thousands of years old.

10 athletes that went vegan

Most people believe that if you want to become big and strong, you need to eat your meat, oh, and lots of it. But, thanks to science, we're finding out that athletes can improve their athleticism by adopting plant-based and vegan diets. But does it actually work? We'll let you be the judge.

New Mandalorian Cereal Has Baby Yoda-Shaped Marshmallows

We're pretty sure Baby Yoda is the only thing keeping the world together right now. Those little bug-like eyes, pointy ears, and wrinkly forehead capture even the blackest of hearts. It's baby Yoda! Since baby Yoda appeared on the big screen, everyone became obsessed with him. And we're pretty sure everyone still has a thing for him. General Mills knows the Baby Yoda obsession hasn't died down, and now they're bringing the sweetest treat to everyone's kitchen table: Baby Yoda cereal.