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what we know about Kim Yo Jong (Kim Jong-un sister)

It's not every day North Korea is brought into the limelight. But this time the spotlight is on North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un's sister. As reports of Kim Jong-un's declining health are appearing all over the news. And that brings up the question of who will be his successor. It looks like his sister, Kim Yo Jong may be the future leader of North Korea. But who is she?

Better Call Saul And Breaking Bad Fans Must Know About The Real Saul Goodman

Being a part of the crowd of millions who wept at the ending of "Breaking Bad", watching those heartbreaking scenes we couldn't see coming - we had to take some time off to recover. Luckily for us, we live in a TV era that celebrates second chances and spin-offs. To that effect, we were presented with perhaps the least probable one - the tale of Saul Goodman.

The Internet is Losing its Mind Over the New Grumpy Cat

people loved to admire Grumpy Cat's distaste of everything - what can we say? Nothing pleased him!

High School Student Revealed to be 23-year-old Ukrainian Man

Adoption is seen as a beautiful thing all over the world. It's the opportunity for children to starts their lives over by getting a fresh start with their new family. Thousands of children wait every year to get adopted, and when it finally happens, it's a big deal. Asher Potts, a boy from Ukraine, was given a chance to live in the United States with his adopted parents. But things took a turn for the worst when they discovered Potts wasn't who he said he was.

These Are The Most Famous Native American Actors Of All Time Along With Some Rare Photos That Uncovers The Secret Life Of American Indian Ancestry

How many native American actors do you know? Can you name any? If you can't, it's about time for you to get an update on celebrity Native Americans. The actors on this list have done a fantastic job of representing the marginalized indigenous peoples of the United States. While some people on this list are 100% native American, many come from mixed heritage. Let's explore the list and see who the famous native American actors are. Trust me; you'll be surprised by some!