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The Longest Running Sitcoms For Your Next Netflix Binge

heck out the following longest-running sitcoms; we're talking at least ten seasons. ‘Cuddle up on the couch' weather is coming soon, after all!

Black Lives Matter Activist Livia Rose Johnson on Protesting, Self-Care, and Her One-of-a-Kind Braids

If you asked Livia Rose Johnson a couple of weeks ago what she'd be doing now, she would have never seen herself up behind the podium, talking at a Black Lives rally. Just a couple of weeks ago, Johnson was someone who trembled at the thought of having to speak in public. The 20-year-old said to Vogue, “I never thought I'd be an activist or step out of my comfort zone."

This is What We Know About The New SVU Spinoff - Law and Order: Organized Crime

For all you Law and Order fans out there, if you thought you'd have to live your life without seeing Detective Elliot Stabler on your television screen, think again. He's coming back to the NYPD, but this time with a twist. Elliot Stabler is returning to the small screen for his own spin-off show on NBC, called Law and Order: Organized Crime

New Mandalorian Cereal Has Baby Yoda-Shaped Marshmallows

We're pretty sure Baby Yoda is the only thing keeping the world together right now. Those little bug-like eyes, pointy ears, and wrinkly forehead capture even the blackest of hearts. It's baby Yoda! Since baby Yoda appeared on the big screen, everyone became obsessed with him. And we're pretty sure everyone still has a thing for him. General Mills knows the Baby Yoda obsession hasn't died down, and now they're bringing the sweetest treat to everyone's kitchen table: Baby Yoda cereal.

Alicia Keys Is Here to Spread The Love In This Tiny Desk Concert

We are pretty sure that 2020 has been rough for more than a few people. Luckily, Alicia keys is here to spread the love.