Bangs Or No Bangs? 5 Things To Think About Before Chopping Your Hair

Maybe you just went through a breakup, or maybe you just want a fresh look; either way, it's your hair, you choose what you want to do with it. But getting bangs isn't something you should just do out of spontaneity. Before getting bangs, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

Is it the right time?

When we're stressed, it's easy to make rushed decisions.; and getting bangs is one of them. Before you run to the hairdresser, double-check you're not making a rash decision because you're going through a tough time. Our advice would be to sleep on it.

Bangs Or No Bangs? 5 Things To Think About Before Chopping Your Hair

Talk to your hairdresser

Before demanding to get bangs, talk to your hairdresser openly. They don't want to give you a haircut you're going to regret. So, tell them what you're thinking of doing and ask for their opinion. If they suggest a different style, consider it before chopping your hair off.

Give yourself a couple of days in between

From the moment you decided to get bangs, give yourself a couple of days to sit and think it through. Emotional hair decisions are usually the ones we regret the most. Ideally, give yourself a full week to process your thoughts and feelings before taking the plunge.

Think about your lifestyle

Are you someone that can manage the upkeep of having bangs? If you're someone who's working out every day, getting yourself bangs may not be the best choice. But, if you have the time to invest in keeping your bangs looking fresh, then why not get them?

Get style advice

Once your hairdresser has given you bangs, you're on your own. The next time you wash your hair, they won't be there to help you out. So, use your time to learn how to upkeep and maintain your bangs. Ask them if you need any specific product or for any styling tips that'll help keep you looking fresh.

So, before you take the plunge, consider these five important thoughts. If, in the end, you're confident about getting bangs, then go get them!