5 Yoga Positions That Will Improve Your Flexibility

Yoga has become increasingly popular around the world. Though this is a form of meditation, yoga also works to increase flexibility through stretching. If you're looking to loosen your limps and become more flexible, try out these five yoga positions.

Cat-Cow Pose

5 Yoga Positions That Will Improve Your Flexibility

To stretch out your spine, try the cat-cow pose. This is an ideal warm-up pose to do before exercising. On all fours, you inhale and arch your back. On the exhale, you round your back, almost like an angry cat. Though this pose doesn't sound like it helps for flexibility, it helps prepare the body for further stretching and bending.

King Dancer Pose

This one isn't for beginners, so you'll need to ease yourself into King Dancer pose. However, if you've done yoga before, the King Dancer pose will give you a deep stretch throughout your body. If you can master this pose, then you'll become more flexible with time.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This is probably one of the most well-known poses, and there's a reason why. Downward Facing Dog is a pose that covers just about everything. If you're looking for an extra stretch in your legs, then this is the pose for you. By stretching out your calves and hamstrings, you'll become more flexible and loose.

Bow Pose

Are you suffering from a tight back? This is a common problem for most people working at a desk. The Bow pose is the perfect position to stretch out your entire back while opening the hip flexors. Increased spinal flexibility provides less pressure on the body.

Extended Triangle Pose

When it comes to the basics, the Extended Triangle pose is essential. Aside from giving you a killer lower body stretch, it also works to open your chest and strengthen your core. When it comes to flexibility, these components are crucial. You'll feel the difference in your entire lower body and your spine.

When it comes to physical activity, yoga has some helpful positions to improve flexibility. You just need to start practicing.